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Author & illustrator
About Me

My books are under my own name Andrew E. Checkley.

The E stands for Edwin and this was my great-grandfather's name.

My home town is Rugby, Warwickshire, England. For a small town it has some beautiful locations and is packed full of history 'some i have mentioned below' 

I have lots of friends, an excellent family and two sons.

Writing and drawing is something i've aways enjoyed doing. I was never any good at maths or chemistry at school, where as writing and doodling seemed more natural. It was'nt something I thought I'd do in later life, it was just something I did so i could forget everything around me.

As a youngster I always managed to find time to visit my local library. I was'nt an avid reader as such, the books just used to get me intrigued, especially if it was about local history or 'anybody' who was 'somebody' from the town. It was definately during those school years that I knew I wanted to be just like them. Be remembered for something and have someone say: ''look what he did.''  

However, the question was - for what?

When I left school at sixteen - I had also left my writing behind and any given thought of becoming 'someone' as i'd drilled it into my head that you needed wealth behind you.

I went to East Warwickshire College and took a painting-and-decorating course. I also gained my counter balance and reach truck licence and have worked in various factories. But there was something missing. My mind was going haywire as all these ideas would'nt let my brain rest.

One idea I had was making fire surrounds. I designed one and when I got a few orders, I hand built them in my kitchen before installing them in the customer's home. Unfortunately, there was'nt enough orders. I even brought a p600 pick-up and started collecting peoples rubbish. It was great until the council started charging you to tip (it was more than what I charged to remove it in the first place).

I've always had this creative side to me. And it was'nt long before I put more ideas together. I designed an Adjustable Rotary Arm that can be attached to a washing pole (intended to put more garments out to air). The other design was my Universal Accessories Harness i.e. for mobile phones. Both recieving a certificate of (Registration of Design) at the Patent Office.

I still visited my library at any given chance, and often sketched in text books which was complimented with a short poem or story. Then one day, in my 20's, I decided to take writing a bit more seriously. I had this story in my head for quite some time. I knew it was going to be a long story, (something i was'nt used to) but I thought it's now or never. 

Hence, my novel's still not finished! 

But I have been busy with other titles and it's my second, much shorter novel ... Diary of a Moment in Time that has been published, and the first of my children's books Jeremiah Splat 'detective' and the dragon.

Now for a little history about my town  Did you know

William Webb Ellis attended Rugby school. It was during a football match in the Autumn of 1823 he took the ball in his arms and ran with it towards the goal. The modern game of Rugby Football, it is claimed, originated from this single event.

Rupert Brooke 'the poet' was born in Rugby in 1887. It was during his service with the British Royal Navy, he contracted blood poisoning from a small neglected injury and died in April 1915, in Aegean. His most famous work 'The sonnet Sequence 1914' and Other Poems, was published a year after his death.  

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